Driffield Light Haulage Services

Delivery Services Provided By Driffield Light Haulage

Local & National Light Haulage

Are you in East Yorkshire? - Don't worry if you're not! Driffield Light Haulage is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty providing both local and national light haulage. Don't hesitate, call us today and you might just be surprised where we will deliver!

Contract Work

Need repeat services or something a little different? Our motto at DLH is "Flexible, Adaptable, Capable". We will do our best to take on extended work with you to meet your needs.

European Work Considered

Driffield Light Haulage is primarily a UK based firm. However, we will always try and accommodate your business needs. If you need light haulage services across Europe reach out to us and we will see what we can do.

Multi Drop Delivery & Collection Service

Our haulage services don't stop at one destination. If you require multiple deliveries or a collection service we can work out the most cost effective option for you, remember with DLH no job is too small or too big.

Bulk & Split Deliveries

Are you sending large volumes? DLH can send large quantities and we'll even split deliveries if we can't fit it all in one load.

Same Day & Next Day Deliveries

In an age lead by great customer service, businesses and consumers are used to exceptionally fast delivery services. We are pleased to be able to offer same and next day delivery services so your load always arrives on time.

Pallet Distribution & Collection

Sometimes you need to send a single pallet of goods to a customer but lots of haulage firms are reluctant to take a single pallet. At DLH we can deliver and collect one or more pallets.

House Clearance & Furniture Removal Service

Moving large items of furniture can be tough and often expensive, never mind moving a full house! We understand this and aim to provide a friendly, affordable moving service whether it's just a single item of furniture or a full house.

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